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Hand stamping is a method of creating a permanent mark on metal.  

This technique involves placing a letter, number, symbol or design stamp upon metal and then carefully hitting it with a hammer to leave an impression.

Due to the nature of hand stamping, sometimes a slight impression of the design may be seen on the reverse of the metal.  This is due to the fact that the force of the stamp will displace the metal slightly and push it through to the reverse.  We try to keep this to a minimum where possible.  

Each impression may vary slightly in its position upon the metal and the depth of the stamp may also vary slightly,  

Sometimes the stamp designs are highlighted by filling in the impression with colour via an enamel maker pen, enamel liquid or a patina.  Most often the colour is black.  This allows the impression to stand out more.  For a more subtle effect, we don't always colour fill our designs.   If you are in doubt about this, please feel free to get in touch.

We love the fact that no two impressions will ever be the same as they are done by hand.  We don't see this as a negative but as something to love about your handmade item, as this means that each one is truly unique to you.